Thanks for the link. I’m a fan of Cole Wehrle and love to hear what he and the others are thinking

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Sep 13, 2023Liked by Exeunt Press

Wavelength is a fantastic game! Definitely an approachable but really interesting party style game. Also, enjoyed the rest of the notes. I find the line between TTRPG and board games really interesting. I don't think I've played too many games yet that hit that sweet spot, but a few of my favorite games that tell really good stories (or have stories emerge from gameplay) are : Oath, Chronicles of Drunagor, Vindication and Cthulhu Death May Die.

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I still need to play Wavelength. I think I'd really enjoy it!

Oath might be the best example of this (leaning toward board game) and King's Dilemma might be the other example (leaning toward roleplaying). Interesting to bring up C:DMD! It's so short that the story might be short, but you are absolutely right. It does have an emergent (albeit short) story by the end of the episode.

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